Puffins Plus

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Pastry Puffins

Nearly 1,500 thin layers of French Pastry Dough make the Pastry Puffins melt-in-your-mouth flaky, buttery, and fluffy light. The combination of delectable puff pastry dough and simply scrumptious fillings make for an irresistible treat. One frozen package of Pastry Puffins weighs 21oz. and contains 12 individual Puffins. A single 2.5oz. frosting packet is included with the Sweet and Fruit flavored Puffins. The Pastry Puffins are FREEZER-TO-OVEN easy to prepare. No thawing or overnight rise time required. Just break off the number you want, place them in a preheated oven and in 20-30 minutes you’ll have a delectable treat like those you’ll only find in an exclusive pastry shop!

Pizza Puffins

Pizza Puffins are a one-of-a-kind Pizza experience. The artisan, croissant crust with a double Pastry Puffin form factor is loaded with real cheese and delicious fillings making Pizza Puffins a Pizza-lover’s delight! One package of Pizza Puffins contains (6) individual items for a total of 6 servings.

Butter Hearts

Butter Hearts, an exclusive product to fundraising, are made from delicious, artisan style puff pastry with hundreds of thin layers of pastry goodness, making them a melt in your mouth experience every time! They are gooey and sticky in the package, but delicious out of the oven, featuring a distinct heart shape with a caramelized finish. Each 23.5-ounce package of Butter Hearts contains 12 servings and includes a 2.5oz. icing packet for a little extra sweetness! Customers will be thrilled with the delightful look & taste of this french pastry cookie, also known as a palmier (palm-ee-ay). Butter Hearts just might be the PERFECT companion to your favorite cup of coffee or hot tea. A sophisticated pastry treat made just for you!