What are the benefits of E-fundraising with PPF versus just using the traditional paper order forms?

You enter participant email addresses or phone number, and we do the rest!

The system allows you to stay organized, Tally Your Order, Submit Order, Collect Credit Card Payments, Ship Product direct to your family & friends both locally and nation-wide.

Our email-based system automatically reminds participants to stay motivated and engaged throughout the fundraiser so you don’t have to!


What are the PPF Ship to Home Programs?

Our Ship to Home programs are a collection of 3 different options that are sold exclusively online either on their own, or in addition to the frozen fundraiser that your group is running.

This is a ship direct-to-door program that goes straight to BUYERS, nationwide! There is no delivery to facilitate, and no forms or money to collect as everything has been purchased and paid for online!

All of our Ship to Home products earn 40% to 50%, depending on the program that is chosen.

Available SHIP to HOME Programs:

Emma’s Gourmet Popcorn Collection

This program includes 30+ varieties of Amish Hand Crafted Gourmet Popcorn. This pairs especially well with our Poppin Popcorn brochure program. Together we call it our Poptastic Program.  50% profit

Perfect Pastries Ultimate Collection 

This program includes 3 different size options for Natural Raw Honey produced in Central Illinois, 4 flavors of Fannie May Candy (½ lb boxes), 3 flavors of Pastries Choice Coffee (12 oz bags), and 15 different varieties of La-Tee-Da Mason Jar Candles (10 oz candles).  40% profit

Neighbors Cookies Collection

This program includes 6 flavors of our pre-portioned Cookies. There are 40 cookies in each box and the boxes weigh 2.7 lbs.  50% profit


Does selling online cost anything for the Group?

No! Using our E-fundraising platform is a complimentary service we provide our customers.  There is a small handling fee paid by supporters for online purchasing.

We want you to be able to sell whichever way works best for you! Using the online platform does not change the profit you make or take away anything from the group’s earnings!

A huge time saver for you…selling online saves you time…no inputting orders, no money collection and automatically tallies!


If I’m running my fundraiser online do I have to use a Ship to Home option?

No, absolutely not. You can still utilize the online selling platform for your fundraiser and not add the Ship to Home program.

Just let us know which program you’d like to run, and whether or not you’d like to add the Ship to Home products!


What are my next steps?

You can sign up for any of our fundraising programs at https://my.perfectpastries.biz/sign-up/

Also let us know if you would like to add our Ship to Home collection alongside your local delivery products!

For online selling, you will receive an email that invites you to “Create your Group Leader Account” This will be the username and password that you use to login to your E-fundraiser at all times. If you cannot find this e-mail, please contact us to let us know and we can resend!

Once you’ve created your group leader account, you can log in and out at any time, from anywhere and check the progress of your program!


How does the online process work?

The best way to get your sellers informed and motivated is to add them to your online platform either by email or by phone number. This will get the contact engaged with either a text message or email notification, letting them know the details of their upcoming program!

You will find these features in the “Add Participants” tab on the left side of your group leader dashboard.

We’ve also included your personal fundraising link that can be posted to social media, posted to blackboard or a school site, etc…!

If you don’t have access to participant email or cell phone numbers, no worries! Your order forms will also have the e-fundraising link printed directly on them, so sellers can take it upon themselves to log on and start selling!

As participants sell online you can track their progress, and watch the group get closer to reaching their goal!


How do I get you the money?

If the majority of your group’s sales are online, people will be paying with credit card, and PPF will cut a check to YOU for your earnings!

If the majority of the sales are paper orders and you have received cash and checks from participants, YOU will owe PPF a check at the point of delivery!


How much profit are we making?

Most of our programs feature a sliding profit scale, so the more you sell the more you make!  Profit percentages are normally between 40% to 50%.

Some programs are a set profit percentage - please call or email one of the representatives noted below to receive the complete profit scale listing.


How does delivery work?

*E-fundraising group leaders MUST print out the Tally Sheet and the participants’ order forms prior to delivery.

  You can print both from the group leader dashboard, on the right-hand side. Click “Print Participant Delivery Forms” and “Print Tally Sheet” to make sure that you are prepared for a successful delivery!




What if people don’t come pick up their product?

Have a game plan in place and let people know!

If you’re using frozen products in your fundraiser, we offer a FREE freezer blanket service that can be utilized to extend your pickup window an additional 4-5 hours. After that amount of time has passed, on-site freezer space at your facility must be available for product integrity.

If products are not picked up, some groups will let the participants know that their items will be donated if they are not picked up on time.


What if people try to turn in their orders after the deadline?

It is up to the group leader’s discretion if you would like to take any late orders.

We will do our best to accommodate any late orders, but we cannot always do that. Give us a call, text, or email, and we can see if an addition is feasible.


How should I organize the orders?

The driver (if delivered by PPF) will line up the order by participant in the way that it appears on the sheet.

All pre-pack delivered products by other freight companies will come boxed or palletized with the boxes organized by participant. If Bulk Ordering was requested, the items will be packaged by flavor or type.


How long can the product be setting out at delivery?

Our pastry products can be out of the freezer for 2-4 hours, and cake rolls can be out for 6-8.

Our cookie dough can be at controlled room temperature for up to three weeks.


Do we need to have a freezer at the space for delivery?

Most places do not have freezer space, so no. We schedule delivery and you can schedule pick-up at an appropriate time, so that the product won’t be left out for too long. You should communicate with participants that because there is not freezer space available, it is important to be prompt for pickup!