• “You guys are by far our favorite company to partner with!  Your communication is outstanding, placing orders is a breeze and the fact they come already sorted if the best deal of all!!!!  We’ll stay with you for as long as we have tumblers to run fundraisers!!”

    Reshea, Tumbling Coach
  • “Your company does such a wonderful job with getting things to us on time.  Having the orders sorted is such a life saver!  I think you are a great fundraiser with quality products.  I can not think of a thing you need to do differently! “

    Amy, Daycare Director
  • “Perfect Pastries is very easy to use. I love the personal delivery and the use of cooling blankets, the great personal connections with the representatives through email and in person, and the willingness to call outside of the school day - really appreciate that.”

  • “Pastry Puffins has been the easiest and most profitable fundraiser for my high school band. The itemized spreadsheets are incredibly helpful in making sure our orders are accurate, and Perfect Pastries Fundraising provides us with outstanding customer service. The cash initiatives for the students is the perfect motivation for students to keep selling. Honestly, the puffins are an easy sell because of their price and taste, and I would recommend the fundraiser to anyone!”

  • “This is the third year we have used Pastry Puffins Fundraising as our yearly fundraiser. We have tried a lot of different fundraisers over the past 20 years of which I have owned this small daycare center with an enrollment of 46 children. Pastry Puffins Fundraising has been the most profitable one that we have ever done. It is also the one that the parents and their families have liked the most. After we did our fundraiser last year, we had parents say that their friends and families wanted us to sell them again this year, so we did. We again had a very profitable fundraiser! Oh and also, I forgot to mention how delicious and easy they are to bake. No letting them sit over night to rise, just pop them in the oven and in 25 minutes you have a delicious dessert. It’s as easy as that. “

  • “I highly recommend working with Perfect Pastries for fundraising. I have worked with them through 2 of the organizations I am involved with and we have been very satisfied with everything from start to finish! The products are amazing and literally sell themselves. As a parent buying the product and a chairperson running the fundraiser, I couldn’t be happier with our choice to use Perfect Pastries! “

  • “Our daycare has partnered with Perfect Pastries Fundraising for years. We have enjoyed great service and great products and look forward to many more years of puffins!”

  • “I love you guys…. you always have everything in order and easy for me. The fundraiser went well and so did delivery. Thanks again for being so efficient and helpful.”

    Mary Jane
  • “I love working with Perfect Pastries Fundraising, Inc.! Their product is outstanding and it is by far the easiest fundraiser I have used in 34 years of teaching/coaching! In fact, our Band Director loves Pastry Puffins too!!!”

  • “I look forward to doing the Pastry Puffin Fundraiser each year. The Puffins are great tasting and our families love the conveniences of freezer to the oven! As a director of a daycare center, I look for companies that are easy to work with and hassle free, and that is what I get when I do this fundraiser!”



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